We would like to introduce to you Femke Bonte-Mineur, Harm Jan Bogaard, Nicole Coenen, Vanessa van Empel and Repke Snijder: five of the most devoted PAH experts in the Netherlands, who - as a group of diverse medical professionals - each fight for the patient in their own way.

Daily struggle


Femke Bonte-Mineur, rheumatologist at the Maasstad Hospital, talks about the daily fight against PAH: "When someone dies it feels like failure to me. And I despise failing.”


Harm Jan Bogaard, pulmonologist in the Amsterdam UMC, recognizes this feeling, but also adds that "when you can do something for a patient in that last phase, it can also be something very beautiful ..."


Meet the main characters



Nicole Coenen, nurse consultant at the Radboud UMC, describes PAH 'as if your body is running the marathon 24 hours a day'.


“To get diagnosed is vital. To have the sword of Damocles not hanging over your head, but to know what to expect.”

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