On May 5, it is 'World Pulmonary Hypertension Day': a day on which awareness is raised for PH and PAH (Pulmonary (Arterial) Hypertension) – a relatively unknown but severe and fatal condition affecting the lungs and heart.

World PH day in the Netherlands


The PHA Netherlands Foundation provides numerous beautiful initiatives for fellow patients and those involved throughout the year. They are also committed to scientific research and (greater) awareness of the condition.


On World PH Day itself the foundation participated with a team of 70 people at The Hague City Walk with the name: Heart for PHighters. Every team member provided sponsorship in order to raise funds for scientific research beside awareness. This year the proceeds will go to research into the relationship between good nutrition and PH at the Amsterdam UMC.


Would you like to know more about the PHA Netherlands Foundation or make a contribution? Visit the website.

PAH in the Netherlands


There are fewer than 1000 diagnosed PAH patients in the Netherlands. The prognosis and life expectancy for patients with PAH is unfavourable and a cure does unfortunately not (yet) exist. A team of specialized medical professionals fights every day for these patients, to ensure that they live as long as possible and with the highest possible quality of life.


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What is our contribution?


We would like to contribute to increase the awareness of this condition. That is why we proudly present our documentary: The longest breath.


In this portrait we follow five of the most inspiring PAH experts in the Netherlands, who are all passionately committed to fight for their patients. They do this every day with complete devotion within a profession that to them is no longer ‘just a job’.


The longest breath offers a unique insight into this world far from the spotlights, (media)attention and practical opportunities which seem obvious for the more familiar diseases.

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